Trip Expense Tracker


My Trip Expense Tracker is your personal Windows 8 business and personal Expense Tracker. You can store your Expense detail in local machine or sync to SkyDrive and use anywhere, anytime.Get freedom from hassles of remembering expenses, keeping track of bills and reporting at the end of each trip. Take a photo of the bill from right inside the app so you are safe even when your bill is not!

Create each trip as a new category. You can add expenses by type (“Sub-category”) like travel expenses, local transportation, meals etc. Add expense title and brief description, amount and you are done. Add a copy of the bill or take a snap so you do not have to carry a bunch of bills around.

Enjoy your trip and be productive, not waste your time keeping track of your expenses. Let the “My Trip Expense Tracker” keep your expense history neatly organized by place and type of expense.

Never Lose A Receipt!

Tired of losing bills and receipts? No more! Just snap it and Trip Expense Tracker will store it for you.

Access Your Expenses From Anywhere, on Any Computer!

Now access your expenses on any Windows 8 computer or tablet. Your data is stored in Microsoft Azure cloud servers so you can access up to date information from any anywhere.

Your Data is Safe & Secure!

Your expense data is stored on secure servers on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Analyze Your Expenses!

Want to know where all that money went? Download expenses in Excel, analyze it and find answers to all your questions. Spend smartly the next time.

Your Expense Time Machine!

Trip Expense Tracker maintains a history of your expenses. Go back in time to find any expense you ever recoded with this app. No expense is ever deleted unless you explicitly delete it from the app.

Export and Share!

Download all your expenses in Excel. Download all receipts and bills, prepare your report and submit to your accounts team in minutes. No more filling up cumbersome expense reports using paper bills.


  • Export expenses by trip to Excel for easy analysis & reporting
  • Capture and store expense documents.
  • Email your expenses to your friends and family
  • Take a picture of the bill from inside the app or import from camera roll
  • Your data is Safe & Secure in SkyDrive
  • Access your data anywhere, from any Windows 8 PC or tablet
  • Search your Expense Detail
  • Quickly add new trips
  • Add expenses by category