Men’s Delight

Men’s Delight is a catalog of products for men. All products are selected by our experts. The app lists hot products for men such as fashion clothing for men, men’s shirts, men’s t-shirts, dress shirts, casual shirts, grooming products for men, hair products for men, beauty products, watches, accessories and golf merchandise.
You can easily search products by categories and sub-categories. For example, you can find an iPhone Fish Lens in iPhone subcategory inside Electronics category. Similarly, facial cleansers can be found in Personal Care subcategory under Personal Grooming category.
The app also lists style guides and how-to books, CDs and DVDs. Men’s Delight is the most comprehensive app you can find on products for men. The product listing in the app includes a description, price and link for more information.
This app lists products available with US retailers but you may be able to order some products from outside the US. Please note that we have an affiliate arrangement for some products listed in the app. This means the publisher of the app may be financially compensated by the retailer should you purchase these items.


  • App Publisher can add new products through a web page
  • Add buy now / view more links to drive users to product page on your website
  • Use it to sell your own products or affiliate products