You Get Developer App Kit, 12 Months of Cloud Storage and Email Technical Support for just $49.

The app kits are great for learning how to develop Windows apps. Developing Windows apps is very different from traditional software development. You need to understand the nuances of different device sizes, controls and app store publishing guidelines. If you want to develop data driven mobile apps, you also need to integrate with a cloud server. It can be quite daunting if you have just started learning how to develop Windows apps.

The app kits are fully functional apps. You can customize it to create your own unique app without writing a single line of code. Once you are comfortable with Windows app development, you can extend the app functionality by adding your own code. The app kits come with a developer manual to help you understand the code and guide you on how to customize it. The kits are pre-integrated with Azure cloud service so you can develop a data driven app. You will get one year of free cloud usage. You can extend it on our server or get your own server on Azure.

App kits are great for new Windows App Developers.

App kits are very helpful if you are looking to get a job as Windows developer. You can publish the app and showcase it to prospective employers to demonstrate that you know how to develop Windows apps.

Following is a list of Windows app kits available on The Best App Builder. Click on the image to learn more about each app kit.